SEI Coursework Module 6

Educational Solutions for the 21st Century Learner Module 6
Differentiated Instructions Part II
Arizona SEI Required Framework Components
Module Objectives
Consider the needs (language level, skill, etc.) of learners that would require differentiation of instruction.
Explore appropriate strategies to differentiate instruction based on the needs of learners.
Examine the ELP Standards for how they support content area academic language instruction for EL students.
Create an assignment that highlights 1 to 2 ELP standards and is differentiated for low intermediate (level 3) and high intermediate (level 4) EL students.
Required Reading
Fairbairn & Jones-Vo Differentiating Instruction and Assessment for English Language Learners Chapters 6 & 7.
2010 & 2019 Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards located at:
Return to the Differentiated Assignment Template that you used in Module 4 and show how you might differentiate the same assignment you have already created for your low intermediate (Level 3) and high intermediate (Level 4) EL students. You must also list the different types of scaffolding and support you might provide each of these 2 different groups of students. Be sure to refer to the examples in Chapters 6 and 7.
Your assignment must also include the following:
Arizona State Standard from your content area
2019 ELP standard/s that support/s the language demands of the assignment and links to
your state standard.
A focus on either reading or writing
Be sure to use the same template as the one you used in Module 4 so you show how the same assignment that you created for non-ELL students is differentiated for the 4 different levels of EL students.

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