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I need a FINAL PERSONAL CODE OF ETHICS DONE; The final version should consider what you  learned about ethics.So add or change some views and tell why you changed your view

My Preliminary Personal Code of Ethics

Personal codes of ethics are important when it comes to the management of personal life and the professional life of an individual. Treating others as one would want to be treated is one of my personal codes of ethics, because I believe that makes the life of an individual to be upright. At the same time treating other people in a professional manner ensures that the same treatment has been accorded to a person. Being honest to the professional aspect and the personal aspect of an individual is the other code of ethics that an individual should have (Borgohain, 2021). Being honest ensures one lives in peace with themselves and with peers in the professional realm. It is also important to have a work-life balance and to put the best effort into life. That would ensure one attains the best things in their life both at work and for their health.

Continuous dedication to the improvement of an individual is the other code of ethics that should always be part of a person. That implies that a person should always improve themselves spiritually, physically, and economically. With a continuous improvement of an individual in all spheres of their life, it makes a person to have good health that is physical and mental. Besides, a person is able to interact with other people in a professional manner where good relations are made (Borgohain, 2021). It is important to note that a personal code of ethics helps an individual to improve in their business as one would always work hard to make their enterprise better. At a personal level, when one keeps to their personal code of ethics, there is happiness as things flow in a good way without let-downs. When one is at peace with themselves, then it is possible to be at peace with others.


Borgohain, A. (2021). Role of Ethics And Values In Indian Higher Education. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology, 18(4), 3096-3101.

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