Scientist & Disability

Choose a scientist whom you find interesting and write a paper with personal
reflection focusing on the scientists disability and their scientific achievements/contributions to
society. To receive credit, the scientist CANNOT be someone we discussed in lecture, however
is can be the same scientist from the competition assuming that individual fits the criteria.
Choice of scientist is very important! Scientists must be from a STEM field (not social sciences).
Try to avoid scientists from applied scientific fields. Applied science is the application of existing
scientific knowledge to practical applications, like technology or inventions, examples include
engineers and inventors. Therefore, avoid engineers and inventors. The best choices are
scientists who work in basic science. They develop scientific knowledge and information to
predict or explain natural phenomena (biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, etc).
Additionally, if you cannot find much information on their disability experience or cause of their
disability, the scientist is not a good choice. You will need to research the disability and scientific
topic, not just the scientist, to compose a decent paper. Failure to follow these directions will
likely results in a severely depressed grade and/or a zero.

I uploaded all the guidelines.

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