For  Assignment, you will again assume the role of the film company educational psychologist consultant. Remember that they are producing The Other One, a coming of age film about the early years of fraternal (non-identical) twin sisters. One is gifted, while the other is not. As the gifted twin struggles to fit in while thinking years ahead of her friends and sister, the parents struggle to provide what each daughter needs. The director, the actress playing the gifted twin, the sister, and the parents are 2 months into shooting the film but have recognized several missing elements that require your expertise as they reach the twins teen years. Specifically, they have identified the following issues:

    What struggle or conflict might there be in the relationship of Emma (gifted twin) with her gifted African-American neighbor, Crisna, who goes to a public school where she has not been identified as gifted?
    As the parents try to learn about providing support and opportunities to Emma, how might they handle Emmas perfectionism that appears to be an overwhelming burden that threatens her ability to have a normal childhood?
    Though Emmas passionate school teacher is untrained for working with gifted students, what advice might he obtain from a famous educational psychologist who helps him identify plans and strategies he can implement with Emma to meet her need for achievement, to guide her in honing her abilities, to differentiate her learning, and in teaching her to be a self-regulated learner?
    As Emma (age 13) begins having anxiety (panic) attacks that cause increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and feelings of intense fear and dread that seem to appear out of nowhere, what issues should be considered and what actions should be taken to help her?
    In a scene where Bekah, now a 14-year-old basketball star, begins to fully realize the giftedness of her twin, what understanding and advice might she offer Emma from her experiences leading her team to a state title while playing on the varsity squad under an unrelenting coach?

Provide a 400-word (minimum) response to each final scene, providing thorough and comprehensive guidance and your reasoning for the choices you are suggesting. It is essential that the director and actors understand how you came to your decisions. Provide a minimum of 4 scholarly citations for each response, demonstrating your knowledge in the field, while making sure that your advice is supported by the literature. The director says that helps them live and think like the character, rather than just acting. Your expertise with so many aspects of giftedness should be evident in your consultation, such that you help the crew produce well-developed characters.

In order to provide guidance on each final scene, tap into your knowledge of giftedness with regard to characteristics, observation, identification, cognition, motivation, affect, expertise, diversity, and differentiation. Be methodical go through one scenario at a time, and then review all the main concepts from each lesson for each scenario. By approaching the assignment in a piecemeal fashion, you are less likely to miss key opportunities to provide advice and you shouldnt feel as overwhelmed.

Length: Respond to all five final scenes with a minimum of 400 words each. Each scene should be approximately 3-5 pages in length (1,000 total words minimum).

References: Include a minimum of 20 scholarly sources.

Your essay should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards.

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