Sample groups (Marketing research)

hi:) well, I loved your previous work which was #198166367 (Survey sampling)
This time I need to work on task 3

Here is the instructions below.

Task 3: Design a data collection plan
Design one data collection plan for qualitative research and another one for quantitative research. Then, make justifications for the workability of each plan.

The sample used in the study is important. For example, how large is it? Who are the respondents? Are they representative of the target market? Which sampling method is used to access the respondents? Questions like these need to be addressed to determine if the data collection is relevant to Michaels electric car business as a car dealer of Tesla Model 3 in Japan.

Refer to (1) your chosen approaches for each research method in Task 1, and (2) the questions you develop for both types of marketing research in Task 2. *Make sure that the data collection plan can be implemented with your target respondents and can help answer Michaels four key marketing research questions.

So…Since our group have finished for task 1 and 2 we need to work on for task3, and as you know I’m in the quantitative research team, and there are 4 parts to do and I am in charge of sample groups part! I don’t need to do for the others, WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO IS ONLY SAMPLE GROUPS part. (there is no detaild explanation what to write for sample groups but there is example of ppt slide i uploaded, so you can have a look for sample group part and write it about 100 words!)

1.Sample groups – MY PART
2.Sampling methods – one of my quantitative team member will do it
3.Sampling calculation –  one of my quantitative team member will do it
4.Yellow box like summary part – one of my quantitative team member will do it

Also, I uploaded my group work, so you can see what’s going on, flow and content for this assignment. Basically, what you have to do is, please understand the outline the contents like whats going on and what is the topic and stuff and give me an answer for Sample groups.

If you have any question please let me know:)

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