Running, Throwing, Human Evolution

After watching this short video about running and the video about throwing along with the short article from Nature, answer the following questions. You should be able to answer each question in just a sentence or two (make sure you answer in your own words, do not just copy from the article).  You do not need to copy the questions, just put down the question number with your answer. Do not use other sources than the ones provided.

Questions for the Barefoot Professor video:

1. What is the main difference between how modern humans run and chimps run? (2 points)

2. When did efficient running in hominins evolve? (1 pt)

3. Why did efficient running become an evolutionary advantage for hominins? (2 pts)

4. What is persistence hunting and why might this kind of hunting have been important for hominins?(2 pts)

5. Why is barefoot running good? (1 pt)

6. What are some differences between the way barefoot runners run compared to runners who are wearing shoes? (2 pts)

Questions for the Nature Baseball players reveal how humans evolved to throw so well video and article:

7. What is different about how modern humans and chimpanzees throw? (2 pts)

8. When did hominins evolve the ability to throw well? (1 pt)

9. What advantage does accurate throwing give hominins? (2 pts)

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