Rudolf Modley

Topic: Choose any of the designers mentioned in the textbook. Write a paper that covers the designers training and influences, 3-4 of their key works, and how their designs fit into their cultural context. You should analyze the key works, covering how they use type and image, and what purpose they served (advertising, public campaign, book design, etc.). Compare them to other works by designers from the same time periodhow are they similar or different? How do their influences show up in their work? How are they a product of their time, or is/was this designer an innovator who did something utterly new?

Length should be 5-7 pages, double-spaced. Note that FIVE FULL PAGES is the minimum to fulfill the paper requirement. Anything less than five full pages cannot receive more than the equivalent of a 75% (C) grade. That means that a 4.5 page paper cannot receive higher than a 75% grade.

You should use at least 1 book and 1 article from a magazine, newspaper, or peer-reviewed journal. You should cite information in APA format. Be careful with internet sources: professional organizations like AIGA and the Graphic Artists Guild, and government sources like the Library of Congress will have reliable information, but be wary of sources that are not from museums or educational institutions.

Your minimum number of research sources is 4 (including the 1 book and 1 journal/newspaper article).

One source that is required is the book Graphic Design History a critical guide by Johanna Drucker; Emily McVarish

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