1. watch the video and then answer the questions short answer Is fine

12. What did Diocletian do in 285?

13. How did The Rise of Christianity weaken Rome?

14. Where were Angles & Saxons from?

15. Where were Franks from?

16. Where were Goths & Vandals from?

17. Where were The Huns from?

18. What internal problems led to the Fall of Rome?

19. What happened in 476?

20. What happened to Eastern Rome?

21. What is Eastern Rome called?

22. When did Eastern Rome Fall?

2. watch the video and then answer the questions

Four Sisters:
1. How many Domitias in the family? Why?

2. What were Domitia & her sisters helping to sew? How long was it?

3. What is one morning activity the sisters can leave the house to do?

4. Why does it take the oldest Domitia longer to get ready? Who was Philatus?

5. Where are the sisters carried to?

6. How does the father maintain power over his slaves?

3. watch the video and then answer the questions

Roman Soldier:
7. Servius enlisted as what? at what Age? What was he given for signing up?

8. What will get after surviving 25 years of service?

9. Where is Servius’ legion deployed to?

10. What is a century? Who is Centurion?

11. What does the Eagle Bearer do?

12. What do centurions chant out loud while marching? Why?

13. What else do the soldiers do besides fighting?

4. watch the video and then answer the questions

Teenage Life:

14. How old was Lucius & his brother?

15. When can he arrange business deals?

16. When are large wagons allowed in the city center? (What time is that?)

17. What time do they go to the baths?

18. How long do they spend at the baths?  Doing what activities?

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