Rite of Spring Ballet and Edvard Munch

“Imagine that Edvard Munch is sitting in the audience of a performance of “The Rite of Spring.”  How would the ballet speak to Munch as a Modernist?  What elements of Modernism would he recognize?  You may want to return to the short critical article “What Is Modernism?” to refresh your memory of the elements used in Modernist works.  This essay should have a title, double-spacing in 12 point font, and  use concrete examples from the painting and the ballet. 

You could construct the essay as a letter Munch is writing to a colleague, or as a journal entry he might have written.”

I’m attaching a paper I’ve done for the class to give my style. I wasn’t thinking a journal entry or letter, more just an essay but either way works really.


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