Rhetorical Analysis


Therefore, your task is to rhetorically analyze one article written about one marginalized group within society by explaining how the journalist of the news article represented the marginalized group or what message the journalist wanted to send about the marginalized group by picking out and analyzing the rhetorical devices the journalist used in the article. Explain how these rhetorical devices used support the journalists message & analyze the wider implications to how the rhetoric used continues to negatively impact your marginalized group as a result. You must use primary sources and one secondary source (your newspaper article only). Four direct quotes from your newspaper article must be used. Do not exceed 6 quotes total or use quotes that exceed 4 lines.

Use these rhetorical devices (appeals) to analyze (if applicable):


Formal Requirements:

You must have a clear and specific three-point thesis statement containing clear main ideas addressing the prompts objectives and rhetorical devices analyzed
Apply rhetorical devices (appeals) correctly and successfully to address all objectives in prompt
Use paragraph & essay organizational concepts taught prior to this essay (review notes)
Maintain a professional tone
Must be 4 FULL pages (minimum.) to 5 pages (maximum.), typed, double spaced, in 12 pt. Times New Roman font with one-inch margins all the way around. No secondary sources are permitted outside of your one article. Do not exceed 6 quotes total or use quotes that exceed 4 lines.
You must follow the regulations of the MLA format.

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