Rethinking the Welfare Queen

The final essay can be framed as a letter to a future student of PAS 3715 / WGSS 3715, a sibling or family, or community member. Explain what have you learned in this course.  This letter should read like a regular course essay: it should have an introduction, paragraphs that make key points, and a conclusion. You may incorporate a personal tone, especially in your introductions and conclusion but the letter should have clear references to course readings and analysis of them in the body paragraphs. This essay will be due Monday May 17th 11:59 pm on canvas  and should thoughtfully include at minimum 3 class readings, relevant class discussion and lectures.  Your letter should be no less than four full pages (not including bibliography or title page if included) typed in 12pt., Times New Roman-like font, double-spaced and should follow MLA or Chicago style standards with no more than 1 margins on all sides.  More detailed information can be found on canvas.

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