Research Studies

Next, complete an analysis of both research studies by addressing the following questions. Your paper should be detailed and in essay format.

Briefly summarize the study.

What makes this a quantitative research study? What type of research design was used and why?
a.  Do you agree with the chosen design method? Why or why not? Would a different method have a better outcome?

Identify the research questions and hypotheses are they clearly stated?

Identify the variables used in the study independent and dependent.
Discuss bias can you find any evidence of this in the study?

Discuss validity as related to the study.

Were there appropriate statistics chosen for this study? Why or why not?

Discuss the results and the next steps is future research warranted? What type of study would you recommend to further study this topic?

Required Articles for this assignment:
For this assignment you are to read two research studies:

a. Quinn, Matthew. A History of Violence: A Quantitative Analysis of the History of Terrorism in New York City. Homeland Security Affairs, 12, Article 4 (September 2016).

b. Kaminsky, Mark T. Effective Selection: A Study of First-Line Supervisor Selection Processes in The Department of Homeland Security. Naval Postgraduate School Thesis (March 2011).

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