Research Essay Compare/Contrast 3 different philosophy ideas from readings

Your essay will have 3 full 5 pages.
You will pick one character from our short story readings and discuss how they follow or dont follow Russ philosophy. You will also find a database article that fits with your topic.
Specifically, your paper will include:
    Introduction, with a thesis that is making a point
    A paragraph explaining what Russ philosophy actually is (give a quote here)
    For the characters:
o You will introduce the character
o You will create a topic sentence that says whether the character follows Russ
philosophy or not
o You will give at least two specific examples (quotes) to support your claim. These
examples will be how the character acts, and / or what the characters says or does.
o You will need one or more Russ quote for the character to LINK Russ philosophy to the
point you are making about the character
    A paragraph from an article database that explains the psychology of motivation and
manifesting. You will connect the information from the article to Russ ideas and say whether the two ideas of motivation and manifestation match or not.
    A conclusion
Technical aspects of the paper
      Follow MLA heading as demonstrated in class
      Use headers and page numbers
      Use a title
      Use 12 point easily readable font, such as Times New Roman
      Double space your lines
      Underline your thesis
      Include four primary quotes (or more) that are relevant to the point you are making. That is, the
quote should directly support the topic sentence.
o      Two quotes (or more) from the story
o      Two quotes (or more) from Russ
o      One quotes from a secondary source (the database source)
      Include a Works Cited page that includes the Russ book; the story (The Hills Like White Elephants) and the database article
      3 5 pages for essay/analysis
The above listed criteria, along with the rubric in your syllabus, will comprise your grading rubric.

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