Research a Knowledge and Skills Topic

earch in your textbooks, on the Internet, and in the Capella Library for more information on a Knowledge and Skills research topic.
Look for information that supplements and enriches your class learning, beyond the assigned readings in this unit. In particular, you should look for Web sites or articles that provide best practices employed in the selection, design, and delivery of your selected knowledge and skills topic.
Choose from any of these topics:

    Accelerated learning.
    Action learning.
    Experiential learning.
    Gagne’s Instructional Events.
    Communities of practice.
    On-the-job training (OJT).
    Self-directed learning.
    Training games.
    Other Check with your instructor if you would like to research a knowledge and skills intervention topic that is not already listed above.

Identify at least three resources to recommend to the rest of the class.

    Try your best to avoid recommending the same resources as other learners working on the same topic.

Prepare an annotated bibliography of the resources that you recommend for your topic. For each resource, provide:

    Complete reference in APA format and retrieval instructions.
    A paragraph-long summary of the resource. Explain how it goes beyond the study assignments and contributes to increased knowledge about the topic. Why would it be valuable for other learners to also review this resource?

Conclude with a paragraph describing your significant learning about this topic and questions you have for further research.

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