Research 2

The society can be from anywhere in the world but needs to be an ethnic group and fairly homogeneous, and not citizens of a nation-state/country.  Carry out literature research outside of class, focusing on family and kinship, gender, religion, and race/ethnicity.

Title: Name of group

Use the italicized points as headers and address underneath each:

Introduction to the cultural group
Who are they, where do they traditionally live (continent, country, region,) background information, and an interesting cultural fact
Describe traditional family and kinship organization, type of marriage pattern. Use terms and concepts from the book to describe.  Include a interesting fact.
Describe how the society views gender in relation to sex.  How many genders are recognized?  Provide any interesting facts.
Describe the society’s traditional religion. Give an overview of the tenets of the religion. Has it changed overtime with culture contact? Describe.
Ethnicity and Race
Define ethnicity and race.  How is the group viewed by outsiders, other societies and how do members of the group view others. Provide any facts of note on ethnicity or race.
Important Information
Describe what you believe to be the most important thing you learned about these people and explain why you believe it is important. This is to be something different then you already included in your report
Require a minimum of three (3) outside sources
Must be in either MLA, APA, or Chicago style, see Writing Guide module.

Include at least two (2) relevant images to illustrate or exemplify, with a descriptive caption

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