Report on Changes to the Provincial Policy Statement

A marked-up
PDF will be provided through Quercus that sets out the before and after changes to the
2020 Provincial Policy Statement. You will identify the new policies across five key
themes in the new PPS. You will also identify any other key changes to the 2020 PPS
and discuss the repercussions of these changes. The five key themes are:
1. Increasing Housing Supply and Mix
2. Protecting the Environment & Public Safety
3. Reducing Barriers & Cost
4. Supporting Rural, Northern & Indigenous Communities
5. Supporting Certainty & Economic Growth

After reviewing the PPS, you will write an analysis of the recent changes
to the PPS. A very effective way to present these changes would be in a table and/or
grid format. Please feel free to use colour and other means of conveying your analysis.
Bullet points are also effective. You are encouraged to be creative in your presentation
of your report.
For your analysis to be complete, you should apply what we have learned in class to
add depth and context. The analysis may include some of your personal opinion based
on what you have learned thus far in the course. This is your chance to SYNTHESIZE
what you have learned so far. Your analysis must take into consideration how these
changes affect municipalities in their management of land use.
You may wish to organize your report along these lines:
(1) Introduction (providing a road-map of what your report will cover)
(2) Summary of the overall changes (2014 vs. 2020)
(3) 5 subsections for each theme (specific changes made per theme)
(4) Reflection (what makes sense, what does not, what was missed)
(5) Conclusion
WRITING: Your report should be written in straightforward, professional language and
display an informed grasp of the PPS. Avoid the use of slang and be careful about
using jargon and technical terms. Do not use abbreviations. The ability to
communicate clearly, effectively and succinctly is a very important skill to develop as a
IMPORTANT: Your report is NOT just a summary of the changes that have been made.
You will do poorly if you just hand in a summary of the changes. It is also your task to
identify important implementation considerations that you feel are relevant, as
municipalities will implement these new policies through their Official Plans

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