REI (Fortune 500 company)

Case study on the company: Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

Complete a case study on the company that you have chosen. A case study is a detailed study of an organization.
The company website is a good source of information, but please expand your research to include at least 5 other online resources.
Information to include in the case study but not limited to:
Background of the company
When and where was the company founded?
Who was the founder(s)?
In what part of the world is the company located?
How many employees does the company have have?
Mission Statement
Corporate Values
Corporate Social Responsibility
Leadership Team
Corporate Culture
Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
Charitable Foundations and Contributions
Career Opportunities
Include an example of a full time job posting
Average wages and benefits
Please limit the case study to 7 pages.

Please cite all resources in APA format.

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