Register analysis

In the files below you will find the first set for analysis. We will typically compare two texts, for as Eggins (2004) says “[c]omparing authentic texts, particularly those which have something in common, points us towards interesting dimensions of language use” (p. 5), which is precisely our aim in this essay.
You will have the 2 covid texts in one file, and the 2 texts to read first about eggins and Painter and what REGISTER is.

How this 2 texts (covid texts) differ or have similarities in register. Check about tennor, field and mode too and compare the 2 covid texts. Use Painter and Eggins to talk about register.
Remember no plagiarism (as it is going to be check) and APA.
The essay must be a 5 paragraph essay.
Including intro and thesis statement, the things to develop (register, tennor, field and mode) and conclusion.
Thanks in advance.
Due date 27th april

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