Reflection on Teaching Practices


Select a video.
Complete the information on both your school and the class watched.
Watch the video. Take notes as you watch on good teaching practices, such as (but not limited to) use of assessment to drive instruction (including Checks for Understanding), effective use of technology (student and teacher), differentiated instruction (meeting the needs of varied learners), etc. You may need to watch the video more than once.
Select one of the effective teaching practices you observed in the video. Plan a lesson for your class implementing the practice. Your lesson plan should include enough detail that another teacher could teach the lesson from your plan. The selected teaching practice should be highlighted at the top of the lesson plan.
Teach the lesson and take note of what went well and what did not work like you expected.
Use the template to complete the demographic information and write a reflection (500 – 750 words) on the effectiveness of the implementation of the practice. What went well? Why? What processes or procedures did you have in place (or have to put in place) in order for the teaching practice to be effective? What did not go as you expected? Why? (Was there a mis-match between the teaching practice and the content taught? Were there processes and procedures that needed to be in place?, etc). What changes would you make the next time you used the practice? Refer to research to support your observation.
Self-assess your reflection using the Application of Teaching Practices Rubric.
Share the completed template with your Mentor for feedback.
Upload the completed template and lesson plan into itslearning.

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