1. What one particular topic covered in the course has most influenced or changed your thinking and in what way? (125-175 words)

**Topic 6: Grounding and Determining Morality and Moral Conduct (Mainly about the impact of an ethical decision for ones personal life)

2. What one issue discussed in the course has affected your behavior and how? (125-175 words)

**Discussion on Utilitarianism and Moral relativism

3. Describe your view of the meaning or meaningfulness of life and include whether your view is theistic or non-theistic. Explain how the alternative view (theistic or non-theistic) might give a different response. (125-200 words)

4. Express how one particular issue studied in the course connects with your major and how you envision it impacting your future career purpose and/or goals. (125-200 words)

**My major is in healthcare administration. Talk about ethical thinking in the medical field.

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