Real Estate Investments

–          Select a home of which you are allowed access, obtain information, take pictures and eventually valuate.

–          Take pictures of the house exterior and interior.

–          Identify the materials used and possible suppliers.

–          Identify number of rooms and other amenities

–          Identify house location, advantages and disadvantages

–          Discuss the location of the house, pros and cons

–          Discuss the area of the house. Pros and cons of the area.

Prepare a report with the following Table of Content

–          House Description ( 2-3 pages of details house description, materials, house layout, architectural and interior design, number of floors, other amenities, outside terrace, parking, description of house layout, location, year built, suppliers of mechanical, AC, electrical and other house finishing.

–          Area Description ( 2-3 pages of detailed description of the area of the house. First the immediate surroundings of the house, provide a google map, and describe pros and cons, next to garden, school, mosque coop etc. Then describe the area in general, what are the general advantages and disadvantages of the area, close/far from city, easy hard access, what do you like most and least about the area. Do you believe the area will improve or not and why.

–          Appendix (Pictures of interior and exterior of property no less than 10 Pictures)

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