Reading Response Essay

One of three key arguments in Asian Americans and the Media, by Kent Ono and Vincent Pham (as laid out in Chapter 1) is that a critical intervention into media is possible. What are the other two? What is the methodology that the authors utilize in their project? Why do you think this approach is useful or necessary (if you do)? Ono and Pham articulate two statements in setting up a theoretical framework, explain each of the two following quotations:Our overall theory about how media operate with regard to Asian Americans is that, because of a lack of systemic power within mainstream media production, they typically appear in ways that comport with colonial representations … and Such images … also have a mass psychological effect within US society; more importantly, these images are
4part of a history of image-making and story-production linked to historical and continuing systems of oppression. Respond to the question that Ono and Pham raise:Do TV, film, and other media systems play an important role in maintaining a racialized social order …? You can invoke examples from any movie if you like.

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