read the following article and complete a reaction paper:

I know it says 275 words, but please make it at least 300+ in order for me to get full credit. Thank you.

Read the following article and complete a reaction paper:

6. The need to contribute during adolescence.pdf

Reaction paper guidelines

Throughout this course, you will be writing reaction papers about assigned articles. The articles will supplement the textbook and lecture material and provide you with experience reading published papers.

Reaction papers do not review or summarize the article. Rather, you will give a reaction to the reading. Reaction papers can be fun to write (I know, but stick with me here). There are different approaches to reaction papers, and you can vary yours for each paper. What will remain consistent is that you will think critically about the information and respond with a thoughtful response.

Here are some possible approaches to reaction papers, but there are others. Feel free to google good reaction papers for more ideas or tips.

A discussion of why you feel the topic is important and worthy of study (or not). If it helps, you can also frame this as Why the instructor thought this paper was something we should all read.
An application of the information to your own experiences.
An application of how the information might relate to your future career.
Relating the information/findings from the article to other information from the course. This can be very interesting when it is not an obvious connection.
Alternative interpretations of the findings or ideas.
Discuss whether the information illuminated something in your thinking or changed your perspective.
Relate the information to current issues in life or society.
Discuss how development in this are might look different at other developmental stages.
Regardless of the approach you take, you will want to demonstrate that you have read the information and critically thought about it. You may discuss multiple topics within a paper to achieve the length requirement if necessary.

Tips for writing.

Actively read and take notes on the reading.
Develop a thesis statement and create an outline before writing the paper itself.
Try to not be only critical (as in 2 full pages of nothing but criticism).


Each reaction paper is worth a max of 40 points.

Each paper will be evaluated on length (20 points) and quality (20 points).

To achieve the full 40 points, the body of the paper must be 300 words (about 1-2 pages, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman Font, 1-inch margins) in length and demonstrate a thoughtful reaction to the paper. Points will be deducted if either of these requirements are not met. Papers that are not submitted to Canvas by the deadline or are submitted improperly will not be graded.

Also, please put your name in the document and as part of the file name.

Length (20 points maximum)

20 points –
The body of the paper the required 300-word length of reaction (with proper fonts, margins, and format). Any headings are not included in this word count.
12-point font, Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, double-spaced.
10 points –
The body of the paper is less than the required 300-word length (with proper fonts, margins, and format) of reaction.
0 points –
Is very deficient in length (less than half of the required word length).
Thoughtfulness (20 points maximum)

20 points –
Is a thoughtful reaction to the article or some part of it.
Makes clear that you have read the article.
Does not summarize the paper.
10 points –
Shows little evidence that you read the article or is not obviously related to the topic or an application of the topic.
Part of the reaction paper (at least one paragraph) is a summary of the article.
0 points –
Is completely unrelated to the article or is about a different paper entirely.
Is more than 50% a summary of the article.
Automatic zeros:

Papers that are plagiarized at any point. This includes the use of online paraphrasing tools.

Papers submitted in a file format that is not approved (only .doc, .docx, .rtf – Word files tend to be most reliable). Pdfs are not accepted.

Some words of warning:

Do not include any headings in the length of the paper. A paper that is 300 words, but some of those words are the headings (e.g., name, date, class), will not meet the length requirement.

Plagiarism. Reaction papers will be submitted through the plagiarism checker TurnItIn. This compares submitted papers to other students’ papers submitted through Canvas as well as published papers and websites. Do not submit a previous student’s work in any way. Do not use online paraphrasing tools. These tools only substitute words in a chunk of text, which is not paraphrasing nor is it helpful for learning.

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