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Using the following materials, links and PowerPoint, please answer the following questions:

* No Title or Reference page required! But do include references in your responses!

* Do NOT type out question but do label, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, and so on with the corresponding responses!

* Important Link to use:

1. Reflect on The Social Impact Creation Cycle  reading. Determine which of the five questions is most important to you right now? Why? Please be specific and provide examples.

2. Imagine if you were Amazon, based on the five questions, how you would handle the Covid-19 pandemic?

3. Examine the logic model or impact of change measurement tool and explain what role implementation of action taking plays in the results.

4. In your own experience what are steps which your job or organization take to measure the impact of their own decisions and changes within the workplace. ie. ( Workshops, surveys, evaluations)

5. For this last week of discussion, I would like each of you to come up with your own 5th question based on what has resonated with you over the course of the semester that relates to this week’s topic. Please pose the question and answer the question. Please remember to be specific and provide evidence.”

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