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ONLY using the links, materials and PowerPoint I provided, please answer the following questions:

Links to use on assignment:

The first article mention 7 different implementation problems. Choose 1 of the implementation problems and explain how it relates to the case and what can be done to avoid it. Please be specific and provide evidence.

2.Using a personal example, when has the implementation of change been difficult for you. This can be from the perspective of the person trying to implement the change or the person being affected by the change.  If you cannot think of a personal example, please reflect on the news for an example.  Please be specific and provide examples/evidence.

3.After reading, Team Decision Making: Pitfalls and Procedures, what would you take into consideration when making a team decision? Please be specific and provide examples/evidence.

4.If you were on the George Mason Tiger Team, how would you use these two readings to help you create a plan for the COVID-19 pandemic?

5.On page 698 of the Deviation and Escalation reading, the authors note that By making a closer examination of the decision black box and by attempting to take the decision process apart and re-assemble it in a new perspective, we can illustrate the deviating forces within the decision-making process. What does this statement mean to you? How would you apply it to your leadership work going forward?

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