read instructions

Using the materials, links and PowerPoint ONLY. Please answer the following questions:

Based on the News Article, do you believe that people in the LGBTQ community have additional barriers other than just gender? If so, what do you think they are? Can you relate this answer to the Northouse reading? Please provide evidence within your answer.

2.Using the Community Toolbox, go to the tools section. How would you incorporate the six exercises about building cultural competence  into your job, career or daily life? Please provide examples of how you would use some of the exercises. 

^Link to USE for this question:

3.How can women be empowered to effectively lead a diverse workforce? What challenges are experienced by women in a diverse working environment? Please provide a personal example and evidence to support your stance.

4.Have you ever seen or experienced a gender gap in the workplace? If so, please elaborate. If not, what would you do if did experience it? Please be specific and provide evidence.

5.”Reflect on the Jones et al. and Dugan readings for this Week. How would you apply take-aways from these readings to your long-term ethical leadership practice? Please be specific and provide examples.

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