Please read the sample student essay in the following link, paying close
attention to the notes in the margins.  You might want to also look back at The
Structure of an Academic Argument handout in Lesson 4. Then answer the
following questions: 
1)  What is Harba’s thesis/main argument?
2) Where and what is the background information?
3) On page 3, what information does Harba provide with her graph?
4) Harba discusses an opposing view on page 4 in a counterargument.  What
is the opposing view that she is countering?
5) On page 5, Harba introduces a source by Marian Nestle.  How does she
show that Nestle is a credible source in her signal phrase?
6) At the bottom of page 6, Harba puts a long quote into block format.  She
should have indented 10 spaces from the left.  Did she?
7) Were you persuaded by Harba’s argument?  Why or why not?  Please
explain in one-two clear sentences.
8) Tell me the some of the steps that Harba correctly uses to format her works
cited page.
9) Note that the final three sources that Harba used are government sources. 
Please pay close attention to the special format for these types of sources,
whether, federal, state, local, or international.  Who is listed as the author of
the government documents

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