rape injustice

The topic of my paper is the struggles and difficulty of women and or men getting justice for
being raped, molested, or sexually harassed in any way. The argument I want to make is how our
justice system is very unethical and seems to disregard womens voices. A woman who is
sexually harassed should receive justice and closure of what they went through, it is not right that
men will get away with such a cruel act. The act of rape is something that can ruin a womans
mentality, thinking process, and many other trauma related phycological things. Three examples
I plan to use is the new law created in Minnesota, that says a woman gets willing drunk or
intoxicated she is putting herself in a situation where a man cannot be charged with rape.
Someone with a somewhat right mindset will tell you that this new law is very unethical and
wrong in multiple ways. Another example is a case getting dismissed because of the overload of
cases being brought to the justice system. There are many cases that have put to the side for too
long where men need to be held accountable for their wrongful actions. Another example is the
many cases of women or men lying in court about getting raped, or where women or in more
cases men lie about raping someone and they win the case. There are many cases where a woman
lies about getting raped by a man who has a very bright future, and their lives are ruined by a
woman coming in and lying about this. It is wrong how our justice system does not put more
effort into these types of cases, any of the cases I just stated should be resolved in the right way.

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