Race Class & Gender Corrections

Please answer all three questions in an essay format in ONE WORD Document (number each).
Spelling, grammar, and citations should all be in proper format. Make sure to reference multiple readings we covered in class. Answers should not be based on one reading alone, many of these issues are cross referenced.  This is not an opinion piece you must use class readings to receive full credit. No outside sources allowed.
1) Terms like stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination in the criminal justice system were introduced to us through your class readings. Using those and our class analysis what has changed? Has it?  (Make sure to define these terms and provide examples) Be specific.
2) Discuss and define White Collar Crime. What is it? Make sure to define the victim and offender and how they differ from other crimes? How does it redefine class, race, and gender in criminal justice?
3) Define privilege and its intersection with race, class, and gender. Are there individuals and/or groups who have benefited from that privilege, and how? Vice versa what groups have suffered because of it?


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