Questionaire and Data

Now that you have a project topic, variables, a research question, hypotheses, and some literature identified, the next step is to collect data to measure the variables.

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Review the Questionnaire and Data Compilation Word document  download , and create a five-item questionnaire to help you collect data in answering your research question.
Using SurveyMonkey (Links to an external site.), a free online survey tool, build your questionnaire using the questions created to collect data from your classmates for your research project (do not use essay questions)
In your discussion posting, provide your research question and the data you are collecting.
Include the SurveyMonkey (Links to an external site.) questionnaire link in your posting.
Complete all of your classmates questionnaires no later than Thursday of that week (completing classmate questionnaires after Thursday or not completing the questionnaires will result in a loss of discussion points).

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