Question Options: related to being a pharmacist

pick one of the following questions to write 2 pages about:

Question Options:
1.    Pharmacists, regardless of the practice setting, work with many health care professionals on a daily basis.  What are some of the unintended benefits and difficulties of working on an inter-professional healthcare team? Illustrate with examples.

2.    What does the phrase Practicing at the Top of Your Education mean?  How would this apply to your practice as a Doctor of Pharmacy?  Illustrate with examples.

3.    Pharmacists are presented with the challenge of achieving positive health outcomes for all patients, while balancing legal and financial responsibilities.  What would you consider to be the most important daily challenge for a pharmacist?  Illustrate with examples. 

4.    What is the most significant pharmacy-related event in modern history?  How has it shaped the practice of medicine in America today?  Illustrate with examples.

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