Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) in Infection Prevention Control

Supposed you are a Healthcare Administrator who’s trying to create a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for Infection Prevention Control (IPC) in healthcare setting. Write 2 pages to describe the application of Quality Assurance (QA) Standards of the healthcare organization
across the following three content areas: Client Interactions, Data, and Clinical
Services by answering these question to create your organization standards. 

Client Interactions

Be sure to explain where the standard comes from (accrediting agency, funder, self-set).
1. How do you assess client satisfaction?
2. What procedures are in place for emergency or urgent situations, such as suicidality, alcohol or
    substance use on site, mandatory reporting if working with minors?
3. What is your process for obtaining informed consent?
4.  What is your process for providing referrals and linkages to other services, such as HIV
    treatment, social and emotional support, support for intimate partner violence, and alcohol and
    other drug treatment?
5. What are your policies and procedures related to ethics of client relationships?
    For example, what explicit policies do you have in place about social and sexual relationships
    between clients and staff?


1. What is your confidentiality policy related to client information?
2. How do you ensure security of hard copy and electronic files containing client information?
3. What type of quality assurance checks do you do with your data entry?
4. How, how often, and to whom do you report data? Examples may include reporting of deidentified HIV-antibody counseling and testing data, and reporting to the department of health,
CDC and other funders?
5. How do you use chart reviews (if you do)? What information do you gather, for what purpose,
    and how often?

Clinical Services

1. What standards do you maintain for test kit storagewhat are the guidelines for shelf-life and
2. What steps do you take to maintain universal precautions with specimens and clinical services?3. What are your procedures for confirmatory testing?
4. How do you store and dispose of hazardous waste, including sharps?

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