Qualitative Write up

General Guidelines:

The report should be double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 in margins
Include a cover page
Follow the general format of the example methods and results sections posted on Canvas, though my primary concern is that you have all the information (and that the information is correct).
* Page lengths below are simply a guideline.

Part One: Rationale and Research Questions (around 12 to 1 page)

Why did we choose this topic? What are the benefits of studying this topic using qualitative methods?
What were our research questions? (Remember, you only need to choose 2 of our four, which can be found at the bottom of this page. All four can be done for minimal extra credit).

Part Two: Method (1 12 to 2 pages)

Describe the two interviews
– How long did each take?

– How many/what interview questions were asked?

– How many follow-up questions were asked in each interview?

– Basic demographic and location info

Briefly describe how you coded the data (describe each step)
– What were your original codes? What were your final codes?

– Describe how you collapsed, combined, and cleaned up the codes.

Part Three: Results (2 to 4 pages depending on the size of tables)

Create a table listing the following for each research question:
– Code name (one or two word description)

– Code description

– At least one example of a quote that describes that code

In paragraph form, answer our research questions based on your interview.

Part Four: Discussion/Project Overlap (around 1 page)

Briefly describe how the data and results you found in this interview related to the data in our quantitative project. Did it support that data? Challenge it? Add something new?
List 2-3 main points that you would consider the take aways of the two studies we completed.

Research Questions

RQ1: In what ways has the pandemic impacted respondents’ personal lives?

RQ2: What strategies have respondents employed to connect with others’ during the pandemic?

RQ3: How have different types of relationships been impacted diffrently by the pandemic?

RQ4: What factors have influenced how respondents’ lives have been impacted by the pandemic?


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