Public Service Announcement

Teachers must be knowledgeable about communicable diseases to implement
preventive measures that promote safety in the classroom and at home. In Part A of this
two-part assignment, you will choose a specific contagious disease about which you will
present a compelling message for families to help you work together to create
supportive environments that protect childrens health.
Part A: Recorded Message
Review The Infectious Process and Environmental Control in the Textbook
Chapter 5.
Write and record a 3-4-minute audio or video message to educate families about
preventive measures for a specific infectious disease. (NAEYC:1a)
o Identify one infectious disease that commonly spreads among children in
early childhood programs.
Include the following:
o Reference your textbook Health, Safety and Nutrition for the Young Child
10th edition, 2020, by Lynn R. Marotz to provide:
A brief and accurate description of the selected infectious disease
Two facts about the disease. (NAEYC: 5a)
o Describe two or preventive strategies for families to use and explain why
these practices can promote childrens health and safety. (NAEYC, 3d)
o Describe two or more preventive strategies you will use to help promote
childrens health and safety in the classroom. (NAEYC: 4d)
You will need to write out the announcement (create a script) to organize your
thoughts for the announcement but do not need to submit it.
If you record a video announcement:
o If you have a microphone and/or webcam on your computer, you can
record directly to your computer or phone and upload it to YouTube. You
will need to keep the video public as you will be sharing it on the
Discussion Board to share with your classmates.
CHS254 Health, Safety & Nutrition
Unit 3 Assignment: Communicable Disease Part Ao There is also a free app called chirbit. Set up a free account and follow
their directions.
If you record an audio only announcement:
o Most phones and computers have a voice recorder feature. Record your
announcement and save it to your desktop as an mp3 or mp4 file format.
o You can then add the file to the Submission by adding a file. It should
automatically search for the file.
Submit a 3-4-minute audio or video recording of your message to families.
Copy and paste the link of your audio/video message into the space on the Part
B Assignment Template or add the link to the text box of the assignment.
Use the same submission link to submit both Parts A and B of this assignment.

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