public administration ethics agency.

You are tasked with evaluating a public agency. NASA is the government agency for this assignment.  Please address all of the following in
your Assessment. Each of these headings should be the headings you use in your
1. Purpose and Scope
Briefly describe the agency you chose.
Determine whether said agency in compliant with formal code of ethics.
Does the organization match up with the cultural values and organizational
norms expressed or implied in the organizational policies, publications, or
public statements?
Is the structure of internal and external relationships conducive for
developing and nurturing an ethical environment?
2. Organization Description
Text from varying sources including material from the organization itself,
community/local materials, industry publications.
3. Stakeholders
Text listing internal, external, and indirect stakeholders.
Description of their interests, roles, and responsibilities they each have.
4. Instruments Assessed
Mission Statement, Code of Ethics, Values Statement
By-laws, Internal policies, Committees, Boards, Employee training, Public
Meeting minutes
Professional standards of conduct, State or Federal guidelines, religious
creed, political platform
Policy Statements
Position statements by relevant special interest groups and watchdog
5. Pertinent definitions based on class readings
For example: how does the agency define thigs like Ethics, Values,
Public, etc
6. Initial Assessment
Provide a narrative of your initial findings from parts 1-5 above
7. Develop a brief survey instrument informed by your initial assessment.
8. Write a narrative that describes what sorts of recommendations are
potentially justified by your assessment.
please be sure to incorporate the readings submitted for this paper.

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