NOTE: There are several parts of this exam, including a multiple choice component that can be found in the ‘quizzes’ section. This is the third part of these parts.

For the third part I would like you to look back at the content of the entire semester and pick three things that you learned about that youd like to remember in the future. For each of those ideas, write at least 100 words about that concept and what you thought was interesting or worth remembering. You should number each of these, but otherwise you can just do this in a standard document. Again, youre free to write more, but 100 words is the minimum for each of these three.

I will point out, for this part, and for all parts, to make sure to write each of these parts using your own words, and not words youve already used. Treat this part of the exam as a place where you can simply write about what you’d like to from the semester. You can still say that one of the things that you wrote about in other parts is something you want to remember, but when you start writing this part, start in a clean document, essentially.

Also, since you’ve done this same thing for each of the exams, you may want to write about something here that you’ve already written about in a prior exam. That’s fine, with one important caution. Do not just copy-paste responses from earlier exams. As long as you start writing this part without pulling wording directly from past exams, that should be fine. If you have questions on this, feel free to reach out.

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