prosthetic limbs and the Olympics/Paralympics

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What I had planned was an essay on whether or not athletes with disabilities should be allowed to play in the Olympics. For example, there is some research that suggests runners who have to use “c” or “j” prosthetics have an unfair advantage over able-bodied runners because they are able to run faster, however, there is other research that suggests that the type of prosthetic is not the only factor that plays into the success of an athlete. Also, I wanted to talk about the inequality between the Olympics and the Paralympics. More specifically, the differences in how they are treated by the media. Athletes who participate in the Paralympics often have to work twice as hard as able-bodied athletes, but don’t get half the recognition that Olympic athletes do. And this is not because of the fans. In fact, view ratings have increased dramatically over the past few years, but the media seems to refuse to cover the Paralympics.

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