Choose a song. Any song. In any genre and from any time period. It must have words (preferably
words that are not offensive to others).
Analyze the lyrics. Find a hard copy of the songs lyrics. Now type the song lyrics yourself into a Word
Document (or pdf.) following the lines, stanzas, and paragraphs exactly (this forces you to focus on
EVERY word just as the artist wrote them.) After you type the song yourself, read through the lyrics
carefully two or three times, as if it were a poem.
Complete the interpretation sheet. Using the song youve chosen, answer each of the craft-based
questions (in full sentences) by providing your own interpretation of the lyrics. Use vocabulary from our
Poetry Vocabulary sheet. Give specific examples from the song whenever possible.
Write a paragraph about why you chose this particular song and why you connect with it on a deeper
level. Typed, approximately 1 page, double-spaced.

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