The project is an extension of your lab assignments in Modules 1 and 2, in which you have identified the office-based environment, and key hardware and storage considerations.

For the project, assuming you will make recommendations of office application and computer hardware to your identified firm in the lab assignments, create a slide presentation with the following requirements.

Your presentation should include six to eight slides that incorporate graphics.
Each slide should include speaker notes to expand the main points.
Include an overview slide.
Include recommendations of office applications with new screenshots.
Include recommendations of hardware with new screenshots.
Demonstrate how priorities and goals have been set.
Define the needed variables and deliverables.
Create a schedule of the project and anticipated completion.
Identify potential issues and provide an initial risk assessment.

You are also required to submit a spreadsheet that lists the application, tools, components, and proposed costs. For the costs, you should include unit price and total price, and grand total costs for both software and hardware, using formula and functions of the spreadsheet application as appropriate.

See attachment for the two assignments linked to this one

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