Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation
This week, you will review program evaluation in an adult education environment.
    Discuss how the theories and concepts presented in the readings on program evaluation merge with other skill sets explored in this and previous courses. Consider how they can be used to best advantage in a strategic plan for an adult education program.

Reference the following in your response:
    Schmidt, S. W., & Biniecki, S. M. Y. (2016). Organization and administration of adult education programs: A guide for practitioners. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
o    Chapter 9, “Program Evaluation: Everyone Evaluates,” pages 201218.
    Bennett, M. M., Smart, K. L., & Kumar, A. (2017). Assurance of learning: Moving from a compliance to an improvement culture. American Journal of Business, 32(3/4), 152170.
    Program Evaluation Overview document
    Program Evaluation: Experiences document

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