Problem solving in health care

Select one critical area in healthcare management from the following 7 important management areas covered in this course: problem solving.

Identify the importance of the area chosen, write a well-researched and thought out critical analysis (with all facts supported by the literature) and then discuss how you will integrate the information from the critical analysis/research section to help YOU improve YOUR  own individual management style (improvement/enhancement).

The critical analysis for the area selected must be NO longer than 8 pages in length and MUST contain a minimum of 7 references (no older than 10 years).  All facts MUST be supported with citations from the literature.  Your personal improvement/enhancement for the area you select must reflect the information you researched in the critical analysis section (2 pages).

Paper MUST not exceed 12 pages not including the title page, abstract, introduction and references. The paper MUST include separate headings for the introduction (1 page), critical analysis (8 pages) and the personal improvement/integration section (2 pages).

Grading criteria:

Introduction to the importance of the area you selected to health care management  10%

Critical analysis of the area selected:  problem solving, decision making, delegation, team participation, conflict management, motivation, and performance evaluation        
    (All facts MUST be supported by the literature)                    60%
    References MUST be NO older than 10 years
Integration of improvement and enhancement of YOUR personal approach to
    the area selected reflecting the information you researched                        15% 
APA format                                            15%

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