Privilege and Oppression

Prompt #1: Using the Goodman reading and the discussion guide for this week, what do these videos tell you about the nature of privilege and oppression and how they’re constructed?

Cheryl Ingram – Privilege and Oppression

Paul Scanlon – I Interrupted a Racist Joke Watch until 2:00

Hailey Cheng on Anti-Asian Racism

Cracking the Codes – Joy DeGruy, A Trip to the Grocery Store

James Baldwin Debates William F. Buckley (1965) – Watch from 23:54-25:39


For the purpose of this activity, imagine that you have no privileges. However, in this scenario, privileges are now for sale at $100 each. Look over this list of privileges: which privileges would you buy if I gave you $1300? $700? $300? How did you make your decisions? How did it feel to choose? And why do you think I gave you money instead of, say, ‘privilege tokens?’

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