Principle of Geography

This report will provide an analysis of the data collected in the markets and should include a minimum of three figures, one table and one map, based the student-collected data.
For this assessment you will present an independent analysis of the quantitative survey data.

The data collected by students in Borough market in a previous year will be made available after Friday 27th November 2020 in the form of an xls (Excel) data file. This contains details of c. 440 visitors to the market, and additional data from 2 other markets which may be useful for the purposes of comparison.

The report should respond to the following question: Using at least one of the geographic concepts of space, place, landscape, scale and flow explored in the module and with reference to appropriate literature you should use the survey data collected by the entire class at Borough Market to answer a research question on tourism function of the market.

You will need to clearly describe what question you are examining; justify why you think it is something worth examining; use the literature to show how it illustrates conceptual issues explored in class; analyse the data in a way that effectively answers the research question, keeping the literature in mind; and discuss what potential issues strengths and limitations affect the wider relevance your findings.

The report must be structured to include the following sections:

Introduction: purpose of the study and links to wider issues.

Literature Review: relevant literature (some of which must be from peer-reviewed journals).

Methodology: a brief explanation of the survey design, administration, and an overview of the respondents who responded.

Results: analysis of open-ended questions supported, where relevant, by the closed questions.

Conclusions: a brief summary of most interesting findings and insights into wider issues.

Limit of 2,200 words

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