Presentation 2: Regional Christianity

As with the first presentation, this second presentation will involve creating a set of at least 8 slides and then recording a 4- to 5-minute video/audio narration of those slides.  Points will be deducted for going beyond 5 minutes, so carefully craft your presentation to feature the important highlights.  You will be using Canvas Studio (Links to an external site.).

Unlike your first, this presentation will be on a modern region of the world and the growth/decline of Christianity in that region (see below). This second presentation must include the following as separate components:

An introduction to the current state of Christianity in the region (minority/majority status, growth/decline, unique characteristics/factors, etc.)
A survey of the growth or decline of Christianity in the region from 1970 to the present (and projected to 2020)
Your assessment of the positive and negative aspects of the Christian presence in the region
Helpful and relevant maps, images, and quotations from the following sources should be included throughout the presentation slides. Don’t pack your slides with content (that’s distracting); rather, carefully select what is most applicable and enhances your narration. Be sure to cite your sources on the slide you use them on, and include a Works Cited page at the end of the presentation.

Global Christianity A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population (Links to an external site.)
Center for the Study of Global Christianity (Links to an external site.)
International Bulletin of Missionary Research (Links to an external site.)
Christianity in its Global Context, 1970-2020Preview the document
For this presentation, select 1 of the regions below by posting its title in the discussion. A maximum of 5 students may select any single region, so post your selection early. Wait for the instructor to reply to your post with approval before beginning your research.

Africa (NO choices left.  Choose another region.)
Asia (4 spots left for choice)
Europe (1 spot left for choice)
Latin America (1 spot left for choice)
Northern America (2 spots left for choice)
Oceania (5 spots left for choice)
When your selection has been approved, or you have selected and been approved for an alternate region, begin your research by using the study report Christianity in its Global Context, 1970-2020Preview the document and Noll’s book (even if you need to read ahead a bit). You must make significant use of this study report (and at least reference Noll’s book) as you prepare your presentation, but you will need to use a few additional sources as well, which you will need to find on your own. Use reliable internet resources, a few of which are linked above.
-Above is the description of the instructions from week 3 pick any region you want for the assignment.
-Additional links are below for the assignment

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