Please review the movies summarized in the Legal Ethics Guide beginning on page 435 in eText. Select a Movie and by virtue of seeing the movie, reading the synopsis and/or the books upon which the movie is based, prepare a thorough (12 page minimum), power-point presentation analyzing the top 2 ethical scenarios at issue in the movie. Discuss the issues that are presented and whether or not the main characters followed the Rules of Ethics. Where appropriate, cite to the Mode Rules and cases discussed in eText.

I want to ensure that we are all on the same page, literally and figuratively.  The project is a power point presentation rather than a paper. Once you choose a movie and 2 ethical issues within that movie, consider the following:

Presentation structure:
Title of presentation, date, presenter name
Main points of what you will talk about
Then follow the structure youve laid out
Start broad, finish specific
Rank Information (What NEEDS to go on the slide)
Cover detailed information based on your outline
As many slides as you need, as many as 1-2 per minute
Remember Powerpoint is more visual than verbal: a picture is worth a thousand words
Audience will likely take away the last thing you say
So make a point to have the last slide be meaningful

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