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Political science writing poses “why” or “how” questions that assist us examine various types of political problems, queries, and puzzles, so as to advance informed, well-researched, and substantive arguments.


Political science essays are not always written about the same kinds of topics. They do not all employ the same types of evidence. “Data” means different things in the various political science subfields, your essays for various classes draws from different sources.  In general terms, political science employs quantitative and qualitative analysis to analyze both empirical queries (What happened?) and normative questions (What should have happened?). The discipline is not defined by one particular style of writing, or one particular kind of assignment, or one type of argument.


Political science also draws heavily from some other areas, such as philosophy, economics, history, sociology, as well as law, to mention but a few. Political science has four subfields: Comparative Politics, American Politics, Political Theory, and International Relations. All these subfields belong to social sciences except American Politics that models itself as a natural science while Political Theory presents itself on the humanities side. By the reason of its high interdisciplinary tendencies and given the difference between the four sub-fields that make up the discipline, political science writing for different categories and subfields can differ significantly from one another.


So, what does define the subject, across all these differences? Firstly, political science is all about the analysis and critique of different types of power, when we understand the term broadly. Power takes varying forms, and the different branches of the subject explore the unique manifestations of political power and their consequences. Secondly, political science is primarily defined by a way of thinking that we call “political analysis.”


Political analysis is neither descriptive form of writing nor an opinion-based one. Writing in our discipline aims to explore, explicate, and elucidate. It doesn’t stop at the summary and doesn’t make unproved allegations. Political analysis is intense and systematic. It uses a wide variety of political problems and queries to ascertain various claims vis – a vis a balanced and informed field of relevant secondary scholarship and primary sources. The goal of the political analysis is to analyze evidence to do one of the two. It aims to make a reasoned argument in favor of a position that ably deals with contrary arguments and evidence (as is characteristic of the social sciences generally). On the other hand, it works to prove a scientifically formulated claim or hypothesis. Both forms are welcome in the profession. Your tutor will clarify which approach they employ.




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