Political science

Write a letter to a newly elected member of Congress (the most diverse group ever) (Links to an external site (Links to an external site.)or to a community activist (such as the United We Dream (Links to an external site.) or Black Lives Matter (Links to an external site.) activists) about police accountability OR immigration policy and practice.

In your letter, 1) explain what reforms you’d like them to advocate for and 2)  how these reforms will help address the causes of the problem, and 3) how they will protect our rights in the Constitution and the law.

Questions to consider when writing your letter:

Do law enforcement policies such as stop and frisk or recent immigration policies/practices threaten or directly infringe upon our rights? In what ways? (Consider the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments and federal immigration laws such as asylum, DACA, etc.).
What changes or improvements do you think are most important to advocate for and why?
How will these changes protect or strengthen our rights under the law?

DO NOT use any other sources

You ONLY CAN use the following sources:






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