Political science

Part 1

The evolution of American federalism from the Layer Cake Model to the Picket Fence Model can be at least partially explained by provisions of the Constitution. But not all of them are in Article IV.

Dr. Kevin R. Hardwick
May, 2021

Comment on the above quote by addressing the impact of various constitutional provisions on the evolution of federalism.  (1 page)

Part 2

The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution were primarily designed to protect the rights of former African American slaves and their descendants. Did they accomplish this task immediately upon ratification or did it take a bit longer? If it took longer (it did), how come? You might want to include a brief chronology in your response. (1 page)

Part 3

Over the course of the last year, Buffalo area business owners protested New York State Governor Andrew Cuomos closure of their establishments in response to increased Covid-19 infections in our region. A common refrain among the owners was that the Governor was violating their constitutional rights. Based on everything you have learned in PSC 103, do the owners have a case? Why or why not? (1 page)

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