Political Science

You will need a title page and a references page citing the article(s) you are reviewing or citing.  The paper should be APA or MLA format, double-spaced using 12 point, Times New Roman font.  The review will consist of your summary of the article and a critical analysis of the article.  For example, was the author able to effectively communicate his or her main points?  Is there any inherent bias in the article?  Is anything missing?  What could be a response from someone opposed to the person or issue in the article?  Here are some timely topics from which you can choose.
Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
Joe Biden
North Korea
Russian Espionage
Tax Reform
The Debt Ceiling
Budget Deficits
ISIS/War on Terror
The National Debt
Healthcare Reform
Domestic Terrorism
1st Amendment issues
2nd Amendment issues
FISA court abuses
Other Public Policy Issues

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