Political parties

Requirements 10%

Does the paper meet all basic requirements?
– Length: 7-12 pages (excluding the Works Cited page)
– Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt.
– Formatting: Double-spaced, 1-inch margins
– Works Cited page
Research 25%
What kinds of sources are utilized?
What is the balance of primary and secondary sources?
What is the breadth of the research? Did the paper employ the full-range of sources
What is the depth of the research?
Are all sources proper cited? (MLA, APA, Chicago are all acceptable)
Content 50%
Is the central idea and thesis statement clear?
– Is there a precise question the paper seeks to answer?
– Does the paper lay out specific points to answer the question posed in the thesis?
Does the paper stick closely to the thesis and the points laid out?
How does the paper develop the various points and arguments?
How in depth does the papers analysis go?
Does the paper demonstrate a robust understanding of the topic, including opinions and
arguments that agree and disagree with the central idea?
Grammar, Usage, Mechanics 15%
Is the paper proofread and free of spelling and grammatical errors?
Things to watch:
– Spelling and word choice
– Punctuation
– Capitalization
– Verb usage and agreement – Parallelism

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